Small Business Management is especially difficult because usually the people doing the management are also the people doing the work to create the sales. Small business owners often lack the time and management skills required for proper business management. 

As there are only so many hours in a day, management usually takes a back seat to performing the tasks required for day-to-day operations. We understand the needs of small business and provide management advice and business solutions that small businesses need to compete and grow. 

Here are a few aspects of business that require effective management that Catalyst Business Services can assist you with 

Cash Flow Management
  • Monitoring GL cash position using daily access to your bank accounts (via internet) 
  • Reviewing your cash projections and acting as necessary 
  • Transferring funds between your bank accounts 
  • Making sure that bank accounts are not overdrawn and overdraft fees do not occur 
  • Depositing payments to the bank 
  • Putting stop payments with the bank on lost or bad checks 
  • Keeping records of checks written in case the proof of payment is needed 
  • Keeping good bank relationships for you 
  • Assisting with loan and line of credit applications to help boost your cash flow 

Account Receivable Management
  • Monitor your Company’s invoicing process 
  • Prepare invoices and statements for your clients 
  • Mail, e-mail or fax invoices to clients to make sure that they are delivered on time 
  • Deposit and record payments 
  • File invoices and payment records for you 
  • Review A/R Aging and Open Invoices Reports for collection purposes 
  • Address collection issues to you to keep operations running efficiently and smoothly ( on going process) 
  • Provide reports of all invoices and payments by client to the Company owners 
  • Make sure that all W-9 forms from vendors are on file 
  • Generate 1099s forms and send them to the eligible vendors 
  • Prepare 1096 form and file it with Internal Revenue Service 

Accounts Payable Management is an optional service we offer. This service is available not only for Companies but also for Individuals who would like to have their bill payments outsourced. We can:
  • Review and pay your Company’s bills 
  • Monitor your cash flow to make sure that payments are covered 
  • File all your payment records by vendor 
  • Keep record and reconcile Petty Cash 
  • Reconcile all Company’s credit cards 
  • Find and dispute any incorrect charges and keep track of reimbursements 
  • Provide Accounts Payable reports 
  • Remind you about due dates and inform you about cash shortages 

We also specialize in writing grant proposals and business loan packaging.

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